Introduction to Spinning Japan lessons



Entry to Spinning Pole / Static Pole / Pole Dance

Those who are new to pole dancing start with with fundamentals including basic grip, turning, climbing, and controlling centrifugal force. Trial lessons are available.

  • Warm-up Stretch
  • Basic turning, climbing, reverse climbing, etc.
  • How to walk using the pole, motion on the floor, etc.
  • Routines
    (short choreography to music)

Intermediate Spinning Pole / Static Pole / Spinning Pole

For those who have become accustomed to pole dancing, how to connect spinning and acrobatic techniques.
We also offer lessons in dancing to music.

  • Applications of rotation, acrobatics, etc.
  • Movements of the body, floor movements, etc.

Pole tricks

For those who have become accustomed to pole dancing, lessons focus on how to apply or connect spinning and acrobatic techniques.

Spin Pole vs. Static Pole the

Spin pole class is a lesson that employs a rotating pole.
A static pole class is a lesson with a fixed pole that does not rotate.




This lesson consists of stretching slowly for an hour at your own pace. Whether you're a novice who doesn't normally exercise or you exercise too much, stretch and refresh yourself.

Super stretch

This is a stretch-only lesson. Stretch yourself to the limit. As long as it’s together with my friends, I can put up with a little pain! Circus performer stretching.
We are happy to help you improve your performance and your health.

Stretch to loosen

This lesson will teach you to stretch by using a stretch tube (trigger point) or a ball (release ball), or by stretching using a cloth hanging from the ceiling.
Does not involve acrobatics, dancing, or muscle training, so it's a good start for those who don’t normally exercise. Trigger points and release balls are also available in the studio. They are also available for purchase.



Jazz dance

Jazz dance lessons help pole dancing. (No poles used under ordinary circumstances.)
Learn how to make body foundations and use limbs necessary for beautiful movement. The aim is to dance beautifully on the floor and on the poles. You may wear jazz shoes, jazz sneakers or dance heels.

  • Warm-up Stretch
  • Cross floor (walking, spinning, limb use, etc.)
  • Routines (dance to music)

Erotic Freestyle

Choreography that takes advantage of rounded body lines and supple body and dance style with lots of sensual floor movements. It's a sigh of sensuality, a sense of supple fascination, and a fragrant moment... It's about individuality and elicits erotic sensuality from the inside to suit your age, body and atmosphere.

■ Recommended for
•Those who want a beautiful curvy body
•Those who like elegant / erotic / sexy
•Those who would like to do elegant erotic dance shows

We welcome anyone who is interested in erotic elements, from those who have never experienced dancing to experienced dancers and those who really want to be in a show. *Regardless of gender.

Tissue & Circus

In addition to aerial tissue lessons that give you strength, trunk and flexibility, plus headstand and forward-roll, while rotating with a cloth hanging from the ceiling or in a variety of poses. This lesson is to balance the body through practice such as a three-point inverted exercise.

Even if you don't ordinarily exercise, we teach each individual how to do the movements.

hip hop

We slowly start with basic such as rhythm and isolation. The choreography is introduced gradually with everyone understanding, so even beginners can take the course with ease.



Kids dance

Both beginners and experienced students are classified according to their level. In order to be a good dancer, it is important to first enjoy the dance. Just move with the music with focus on rhythm training!

Kids pole

Pole dancing introductory-level lessons for children and elementary school students.

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