Regular lessons, studio rentals, and private lessons are all fully booked.
Please make a reservation by noon the day before the day of use.
Cancel your reservation on up to 2 days in a dvance. After that cancellation fee or ticket will be consum ed once.
Reservations can be made by e-mail, telephone or studio reception

Members / Non-Members Price
・Pole Dance (Beginner'sClass)
・Other StretchClass
・Hip Hop
(tax included ¥3,850)
・Pole Dance (ex cluding Beginner'sClass)
・Erotic Free Style
・Aerial Silk and Circus
(tax included ¥4,400)
・Trial Lesson
(Onlyapplicable for Beginner's Pole Dance, Other Stretch, Other Dance)
Limited to 1 time¥1,500 (tax included)
・Trial Kids Lesson
(Kids Dance, Kids Pole)
Limited to 1 time¥500 (tax included)
Membership Price Price
Registration Fee ¥5,000
(tax included ¥5,500)
4 lesson pass
(valid for 2 months)
(tax included ¥14,850)
S4 lesson pass
(valid for 1 months)
(tax included ¥11,000)
8 lesson pass
(valid for 4 months)
(tax included ¥27,500)
10 lesson pass
(valid for 6 months)
(tax included ¥33,000)
S10 lesson pass
(valid for 1 months)
(tax included ¥22,000)
Hogustretch lesson pass
(valid for 1 months)
(tax included ¥5,500)
Kid's Dance Class
(4x for 1 months)
(tax included ¥6,380)
Kid's Pole Class
(4x for 1 months)
(tax included ¥8,800)

Other Price

Studio Rental Price
Member price 60 minutes ¥2,000
(tax included ¥2,200)
Non-Member price 60 minutes
(including when there members and non-members present)
(tax included ¥2,860)
Available outside of designated class times.
Private and semi-private lesson with SPINNING JAPAN instructors Price
1 person 60 minutes ¥5,000
(tax included ¥5,500)~
Available outside designated class times.
Price varies depending on the instructor and the content of the lesson.
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