Works as a dance performer and dance instructor mainly in Kansai.
Was a pioneer in teaching pole dance lessons in Kyoto, and founded the first pole dance studio in Kyoto, “Spinning Japan Kyoto Pole&Dance Studio (http://spinning-japan.com).”
Organized the “Pole & Dance Festival Kansai” in 2014 to promote pole dancing. The event was successfully held at Kyoto Pontocho Kaburenjo in 2016.
•2004: Worked as a dancer for a year at Universal Studio Japan.
•2007: Recruited for first GoGo Dance performance group in Kansai, “Wulai Kyoto.”
•2008: “Miss Pole Dance Japan 2008” “Finalist
•2010: 5th place in World Championships” “IPC International Pole Championship 2010” “in Tokyo
•2012: Finalist in “Miss Pole Dance Japan 2012” domestic contest
•2012: “International Asia-Pacific Pole Dance & Acrobat Championship” international contest
•2012: In Russia women’s runner up
•2012: 4th place in “PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2012” in Hong Kong Pole Division international contest
•2013: Established own studio “Spinning Japan Kyoto Pole & Dance Studio”
•2013: 4th place in women’s “International Asia-Pacific Pole Dance & Acrobat Championship 2012 in Russia” international contest
•2015: Finalist in “Pole Theater Japan” in Tokyo domestic contest
•2017: Finalist in “Sexiest in Osaka”


Started pole dancing in Kyoto in March 2009. Appeared at various clubs, events and parties, mainly in Kansai.
Good at expressing hard and dynamic music to match club music.
Belongs to Erotic Freestyle X Art group [Trastic.F].
•2014: Finalist in All Japan Pole Sports Championship doubles category
•2015: 2nd place in Pole Theater Japan 2015 Professional classique category
•2019: Finalist in Miss Pole Dance/Pole King Japan 2019 Heel category


Born half Italian and half Japanese in Osaka and grew up in Milan.
Passionate about dance, art, music and sports since childhood, and ballet since the age of six. Studied hip hop in high school, and after graduating from the Fashion Design School in Milan, became acquainted with pole dancing, where she applied her artistic sensibility to pole dancing, and began working in Japan in 2018.


Attracted by acrobatics, started pole dancing in 2012. Was good at performing rhythmic gymnastics in junior high school days. Appeared in various scenes, including show clubs, restaurants, and club events. Currently studying nutrition as a registered dietitian, is endeavoring to find the coexistence of food and pole dancing.
•2014: Finalist in All-Japan Pole Sports Championship
•2015: Female finalist in International Asia-Pacific Pole Dance & Acrobat Championship 2015″ in Russia
•2015: 2nd place in POLE THEATER JAPAN Comedy Professional category
•2015: Professional finalist in PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2015 in Hong Kong pole category international contest.
Lessons consist of practicing simple techniques while incorporating physical training to prevent injury.
Pole trick classes consist of doing simple acrobatics on the floor as well as on the pole.
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