Works as a dance performer and dance instructor mainly in Kansai.
Was a pioneer in teaching pole dance lessons in Kyoto, and founded the first pole dance studio in Kyoto, “Spinning Japan Kyoto Pole&Dance Studio (http://spinning-japan.com).”
Organized the “Pole & Dance Festival Kansai” in 2014 to promote pole dancing. The event was successfully held at Kyoto Pontocho Kaburenjo in 2016.
•2004: Worked as a dancer for a year at Universal Studio Japan.
•2007: Recruited for first GoGo Dance performance group in Kansai, “Wulai Kyoto.”
•2008: “Miss Pole Dance Japan 2008” “Finalist
•2010: 5th place in World Championships” “IPC International Pole Championship 2010” “in Tokyo
•2012: Finalist in “Miss Pole Dance Japan 2012” domestic contest
•2012: “International Asia-Pacific Pole Dance & Acrobat Championship” international contest
•2012: In Russia women’s runner up
•2012: 4th place in “PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2012” in Hong Kong Pole Division international contest
•2013: Established own studio “Spinning Japan Kyoto Pole & Dance Studio”
•2013: 4th place in women’s “International Asia-Pacific Pole Dance & Acrobat Championship 2012 in Russia” international contest
•2015: Finalist in “Pole Theater Japan” in Tokyo domestic contest
•2017: Finalist in “Sexiest in Osaka”
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